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Just My Imagination

Esta música é muito simples e fácil de tocar. Ela é tocada no violão, 
e eu acho que tem uma guitarra sem distorção no meio também. 
Os acordes Bb,  F, Cm, Gm e F são tocados sempre nesta ordem com a  
mesma batida. Tem ainda o solo de teclado, mais aí o tecladista vai ter 
que se virar pra achar os acordes ou teclas. Escutando o disco, em cinco 
minutos você já pega a música toda. Abaixo, a letra. 
Intro: Bb  F  Cm Gm  F 
  There was a game we used to play 
  We would hit the town on Friday night 
  And stay in bed until Sunday 
  We used to be so free 
  We were living for the love we had and 
  Living not for reality 
  It was just my imagination   6x 
  There was a time I used to pray 
  I have always kept my faith in love 
  It's the greatest thing from the man above 
  The game I used to play 
  I've always put my cards upon the table 
  Let it never be said that I'd be unstable 
  It was just my imagination   6x 
  Solo de Teclado 
  There is a game I like to play 
  I like to hit the town on Friday night 
  And stay in bed until Sunday 
  We'll always be this free 
  We will be living for the love we have 
  Living not for reality 
  It's not my imagination   6x 
  Not my   16x  
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