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yeat`s grave ukulele

The Cranberries

Album:No Need to Argue


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yeat`s grave

  I suppose the intro sounds much better with this tab layout and 
easy to play with a capo. 
Capo 3 
                                    (last two: first turn only) 
    Am        G6        Em       
 ... and chords of the song is as follows 

Am          G6            Em 
Silenced by death in the grave 
Am  G6              Em 
W B Yeats couldn't save 
Am          G6 
Why did you stand here 
G6        Em 
Were you sickened in time 
Em            Am 
But I know by now 
Am          G6 
Why did you sit here? 
Em     Am    G6 
In the grave 
G6       Em      
In the GRaVE 
W. B. Yeats "Second" 
Why should I blame her, 
there she filled my days 
With misery or that she would of late 
Have taught to ignor can't man violent ways 
Or harled the little streets upon the grenout 
Had they but courage 
Equal to desire 
Sad there Mand Gonne couldn't stay 
But she had MacBride anyway 
and you sit here with me 
on the isle In istree 
and your writing down everything 
But I know by now 
Why did you sit here 
In the grave... 
Why should I blAme her, 
Had they but courage equal to desire 
  This is also a wonderful song from The Cranberries 
  How can she write so well? 
                                                Baris Seker  
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