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The Divine Comedy

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Songs Of Love

{Neil plays this with a capo on the 3rd fret 
i.e. beginning with an A shape} 
INTRO - C (with some suspended 4ths thrown in) 

C		F9    
Pale, pubescent beasts roam through the  
G		   Am7 
streets and coffee-shops 
      Dm7	     F			 
Their pray gather in herds of stiff knee-length  
Ebadd9		       Db9 
skirts and white ankle-socks 
    C			    F9    
But while they search for a mate my type hiber- 
G		  Am7 
nate in bedrooms above 
   D7		F9     F/G    C 
Composing their songs 	   of love 

{as verse 1} 
Young, uniform minds in uniform 
lines and uniform ties 
Run round with trousers on fire and signs of 
desire they cannot disguise 
While I try to find words as light as the 
birds that circle above 
To put in my songs of love 

Ab	     Fm6       C	      Am7 
Fate doesn't hang on a wrong or right choice 
Ab	  Fm6	       C/G	    G 
Fortune depends on the tone of your voice 
   C		       F9    
So sing while you have time 
	    G		     Am7 
Let the sun shine down from above 
    D7		  F9     F/G	C 
And fill you with songs      of love 

{INSTRUMENTAL - based on verse} 

{As above} 
Fate doesn't hang on a wrong or right choice 
Fortune depends on the tone of your voice 
So let's sing while we still can 
While the sun hangs high up above 
D7	  F9     F/G	Am	Am/G 
Wonderful songs	     of love 
D7/F#	  F9      F/G	C 
Beautiful songs   of 	love 

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