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(riff 1)


(riff 1)
Do what I what because I can and if I don't because I wanna
(riff 1 )
Be ignored by the stiff and the bored because I'm gonna
(riff 1 )
Spill and retrieve 'cause I give and recieve because I wanna
(riff 1)
Gonna get through your head what the myst'ry man said because I'm gonna
(refrão)                         (riff 1)
Hate to say I told you so    alright!   come on!
(riff 1)
Do believe I told you so...........
                           (riff 1)
Now it's all out and you knew
(riff 1)
Cause I wanted to
(riff 1)
Turn my back on the rot who's been planning the plot because I'm gonna
(riff 1)
No need for me to wait because I wanna
(riff 1)
No need 2, 3, too late because I'm gonna
(refrão)                              (riff 1)
Hate to say I told you so  alright!      come on!
(refrão)                        (riff 1)
Do believe I told you so.........

obs:A bateria e a guitarra para e fica só o baixo,
do qual ele fica assim:
(riff baixo)
  (riff baixo)
Do what I please gonna spread the disease because I wanna
                                                             (riff baixo)         
Gonna call all the shots for the no's and the not's because I wanna

obs:nessa hora da música a batera e a guitarra entram

 (refrão)                           (riff 1)
Ask me once I'll answer twice 'cause what I know I'll tell because I wanna
  (riff 1)
Sound device and lots of ice I'll spell my name out loud because I wanna
Oh yeah......

obs:essa nota  D,(RE),é feita em bicorde no final na música. 
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