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Here I Go Again chords

The Hollies

Album:Greatest Hits


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Here I Go Again

Here I Go Again:The Hollies. 
#4 in 1964. 

G      C D   D7               I go me now cause... 
G      C D   D7 I go again. 

G          Bm       Em      Bm             C 
I've, been hurt, so much, before, I told myself, yes I did.. 
   D        Bb              Am7     D 
no more, no more, won't get hurt anymore. 
G        Bm       Em    Bm              C 
There, I was, all by, myself, doing all right.. 
                     D      D7 
until I saw you last night..and then I knew that.. 

G      C D   D7                       G      C D   D7 I go again..I can't help I go again.. 
           Em      A                  Em        A 
Makin' the same mistakes, headin' for more heartaches. 
Bm                                       E E7 
What can I do when there's nothing I can do? 
  D                                         A        A7  D7 
I looked in your eyes and I knew that I was through..oo..oo. 

G           Bm        Em         Bm           C 
What's, the use, I'll just, give in, try as I may,  

and I do.. 
           D          Bb         Am7        D 
I'll never win, never win, baby, I'll never win. 
G           Bm       Em        Bm            C 
Now, you're here, so close, to me, I can't resist you.. 
                  D           D7 
And I knew when I kissed you..I'm gonna say now... 

G      C D   D7               I go me now cause... 
G      C D     D7 I go a..gain. 

           Em       A                Em       A 
Falling in love, in love, falling in love, in love. 
           Em       A                Em  Em7 
Falling in love, in love, falling in love.(Fade.) 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.  
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