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Streams of whiskey

 D G D  
Last  night as I slept I  dreamed I met with  Behan   
 G A  
I shook him by the hand and we  passed the time of  day   
 D G D  
When  questioned on his views on the  crux of life's  philosophies   
 D G A D  
He  had but these few  clear and  simple words to  say   
I am going, I am going, Any which way the wind may be blowing   
I am going, I am going, Where streams of whiskey are flowing   
I have cursed, bled and sworn, Jumped bail and landed up in jail   
Life has often tried to stretch me, but the rope always was slack   
And now that I've a pile, I'll go down to the Chelsea   
I'll walk in on my feet, but I'll leave there on my back   
Chorus 2   
Inst  D  D  D  G A D  D  D  G D     
Oh the words that he spoke, seemed the wisest of philosophies   
There's nothing ever gained by a wet thing called a tear   
When the world is too dark and I need the light inside of me   
I'll walk into a bar and drink fifteen pints of beer   
Chorus 3   
Chorus 4   
Outro  D  D  D  G A D  D  D  G D     
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