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The broad majestic Shannon chords

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The broad majestic Shannon

 D G D Bm D G A D D G  
                                                                 The  last time I saw you was down at the  Greeks   
 D G Bm  
There was  whiskey on Sunday and  tears on our  cheeks   
 A D G  
 You  sang me a song as pure as the  breeze   
 D G A  
on a  road leading  up Glena veigh   
 D G  
I  sat for a while at the  cross at Finnoe   
 D G Bm  
Where young  lovers would meet when the  flowers were in  bloom   
 A D G  
 Heard  the men coming home from the fair at Shin rone   
 D G A D  
Their  hearts in Tippe rary wher ever they  go   
 D G A  
Take my  hand, and dry your  tears  babe   
 D G A  
Take my  hand, forget your  fears  babe   
 D G A  
There's no  pain, there's no more  sor row   
 D G A  
They're all  gone,         gone in the  years babe   
I sat for a while by the gap in the wall   
Found a rusty tin can and an old hurley ball   
Heard the cards being dealt, and the rosary called   
And a fiddle playing Sean Dun na nGall   
And the next time I see you we'll be down at the Greeks   
There'll be whiskey on Sunday and tears on our cheeks   
For it's stupid to laugh and it's useless to bawl   
About a rusty tin can and an old hurley ball   
 D G A  
So I  walked as the day was  dawn ing   
 D G A  
Where small birds  sang and leaves were  fall ing   
 D G A  
Where we once  watched the row boats  land ing   
 D G A D  
By the  broad   majestic  Shan non   
 D G D Bm D G A D  
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