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The Unforgettable Fire chords


Album:The Best of 1980-1990


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The Unforgettable Fire

Dm             Bb
Ice, your only rivers run cold
           Dm                    Bb
These city lights, they shine in silver and gold
             Dm                  Bb                Dm       Bb      F
Dug from the night, your eyes as black as coal
C                            Eb
Walk on by, walk on through, walk till you run
               Bb                Dm         Bb 
And don't look back, for here, I am

    Dm                           Bb                       Dm
Carnival, the wheels fly and the colors spin, through alcohol
Red wine that punctures the skin
        Dm                 Bb                F
Face to face, in a dry and waterless place
C                               Eb                          Bb
Walk on by, walk on thorugh, so sad to besiege your love so head on

F             C
Stay tonight, stay tonight in a lie
Eb                    Bb             F
I'm only asking but I think you know
Come on take me away
Come on take me away
                A           Dm
Come on take me home, home again

Bb  Dm  Bb Dm Bb  Gm A

(Now I'm at the part where the violins repeat the chords three times,
sounding like "da-Da-DA")

 Dm Dm Dm  (strike three times and accent each with the third the hardest)

 Bb Bb Bb

 Dm Dm Dm

 Bb Bb Bb      F

                           C                Eb
And if the mountain should crumble, or disappear into the sea
      Bb              F
Not a tear nor not I, stay in this time
Stay tonight, in a lie
Eb          Bb
Ever after, there's love in time
           F                      C
And if you save it all, save your love

      Gm                     A                Dm
Don't push me too far, don't push me too far, tonight, tonight
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