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Yes I Can Anyway

YES I CAN (ANYWAY YOU WANT ME)  Words & Music by Bob Ruzicka

4/4 - 6 string Ė tuned to pitch - As performed by VALDY

Intro:  G . . . / G . . . / G . . . / G . . . /

	Em		   C			 G
1.	Iíll be your dandy in the city
		   Em		 C			   G   
	Iíll be rugged if we move back to the land
	C		    D	Em     Am7		D7	  G
	I can be your Latin lover, Iíll be your family man

			  Am7      D           G      G 
Ch:	Yes, I can,          Yes, I can,
        Am7         D			   G 
		Any way you want me, here I am
               Am7      D			   G	
Yes, I can,          Yes, I can,
			   Am7 		  D			  G
		Be your life, be your lover, be your man

	Em		   C           G
2.	Iíll be your ro Ė de - o rider
		Em				C		  G 
	Your tall, dark stranger ridiní into town
	  C          D       	 Em  
	A lover or a dreamer or a fighter
	   Am7		    D7				  G
	If thatís what you want Ė I wonít let you down

	Em		   C			G
3. Iíll be your shoulder to cry on
Em		    C		 G 	
I can be your devil in disguise
C             D                     Em 
I will be the one that you can re - ly on
	   Am7		   D7			G	
Iíll be funny, Iíll be foolish, Iíll be wise

Last Chorus, last line as follows:
			   Am7		  D	    Bm7                 E7
		Be your life, be your lover, Oh you never need another
			   Am7           D              G 
		Be your life, be your lover, be your man
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