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Can't Stop Loving You keyboard

Van Halen

Album:The Best of Both Wolds


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Can't Stop Loving You

Learn to play "Cant Sop Lovin You" with online video lessons   
The other tab for this song was in G but the real version is in A so here it is in A it's  
a lot harder to sing but you get used to it!  

Tabbed by: jobi-wan-kanobi lead guitar for "US" (that's my band}  

can't Stop Lovin' You  

 Intro: Asus4  A  Asus2  A(all strummed)  
Verse 1:                                           
               A                                  F#m  
     there's a time and place for everything, for everyone              
            D                 E  
     we can push with all our might  
                  A                           F#m  
     but nothin's gonna come, oh no, nothin's gonna change  
              D                E  
     and if i asked you not to try  
Pre-Chorus 1:  
     oh could you let it be  
             D                          Bm  
     i wanna hold you and say, we can't throw this all away  
                 A                              E  
     tell me you won't go, you won't go, do you have to hear me say  
                  A                                F#m  
     i can't stop lovin' you, and no matter what i say or do  
                 D              E                 A  
     you know my heart is true, oh, i can't stop lovin' you  

Verse 2:  
             A                                                F#m  
     you can change your friends, your place in life, you can change your mind  
            D                    E          G  
     we can change the things we say and do anytime  
     oh no, but i think you'll find  
                   D                E  
     that when you look inside your heart  

Pre-Chorus 2:  
     oh baby, i'll be there, yeah  
     C            Am  
     hold on, i'm holding on  
                F                                 E  
     baby, just come on, come on, come on, i just wanna hear you say  

                Bm                    E       Dbm   G  
     oh, i'm so twisted and tied, and all i remember  
         Bm                            E  
     was how hard we tried, only to surrender  

Interlude and solo 

Pre-Chorus 3:  
     A                     F#m  
     and when it's over, i know how it's gonna be  
              D               E            A  
     and true love will never die, no, not fade away  

Chorus 3:             A                                F#m  
     and i can't stop lovin' you, and no matter what i say or do  
                 D              E                A  
     you know my heart is true, oh, i can't stop lovin' you  
     and i know what i got to do  
                        D             E                A          F#m D E  
     hey, ray, what you said is true, oh, i can't stop lovin' you  
                          Asus4   A   Asus2 A  
     oh, oh, i can't stop lovin' you  


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