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Judgement Day keyboard

Van Halen

Album:Live: Right Here, Right Now.


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Judgement Day

This song is pretty fast, around 190 bpm.  Although, it's not to hard to play 
once you 
have it memorized and master the bar dive trick. 
^=hammer on 
AH=artificial harmonic 
^f=full bend 
^h=half bend 
/ or  = slide 
T=right hand tapping 
(T)=left hand tapping 
2(14) = fret the number on the left and play the harmonic on the right by 
tapped harm. 
X = pick slide 
X = muffled strings 
~~~~ = vibrato 
          Dadd4             A7              Dadd4  
** Depress whammy bar as far as it will go (about an octave) then 
strike note and shake bar up and down 7 times (eighth notes -&2&3 etc.) 
This goes real fast so have fun!!  
Repeat Intro except on the  Dadd4  the second time play 2 eighth notes 
instead of quarter then eighth note: 
          Dadd4             A7              Dadd4  
-2--2--2^F*-|--(2)~~~~ w/bar 
        *AH ( G ) Bend up and hold bend while dipping bar one step, then 
release both 
bend and bar simultaneously. 
        Dadd4             A7              Dsus4              D  
Here just punch out a  D  chord: (palm mute open d's) 
Now do the bar dive trick, except shake the bar 9 times, (i.e. 1&2&3&4&1) 
Continue with this on the "&" of first beat: 
Here's the riff played before the first verse: 
Palm mute all F#'s on six string: (the technique I recommend for this is 
rocking your 
first finger back and forth and using the third finger to barre the two notes 
at the fourth 
                                                               * last note 
not P.M. 
Ok, do that again for the verse up to "A" and then again up to "A" with the 
variation on the last two bars: 
He continues using the riff throughout the verse with some variations that 
you should be able to fiqure out were they go if you here the song: 
"Kickin' back.." 
"...kickin' you." 
         * AH  
Then do this: 
"Anyway, if I make 'em...." 
"Makin' wave's a waste..." 
         "Got no faith..." 
A(2nd pos)------------D5|-(D5 
"carry you?" 
Punch an  E5  chord (7th pos) here: 
       "I just.." 
A(2nd pos)------------D5|-(D5 
Play  A5  for a bar then this on the A string: 
OK, now: 
Now do the bar dive trick, except shake the bar 9 times, (i.e. 1&2&3&4&1) 
Continue with this on the "&" of first beat: 
For the Chorus play: 
Now, for verse two and the chorus, you already know, just repeat the stuff. 
Now for my favorite, the solo, pretty hard to fiqure out, I read this one 
riff in a guitar 
mag, you know the over the top tapping: 
The tapped riff is really 7th chords arppegiated. (16th notes) I show the 
technique for one chord 
and where the next chords are: 
* 1 2 1 2 1 2  1 2  1 2 1 2 1 2 1  2 
 Play the 14's with right hand and 12's with left over the top of the neck 
with the 
left hand pinky lying across and muting all the strings to cut out noise. 
* fingering 
Then he changes it with the same ideas: 
 E7  (play three times) 
The solo I'll post later after I figure it out!!!   
Contribuição: Cássio Santanelli Costa([email protected]) 
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