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All Or Nothing chords

Vanessa Hudgens

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All Or Nothing

All or Nothing 

verse 1
 C             G
They can play let's pretend
 Am                 F               C
Make out like their my best friend
 G             Am    F
Telling their lies
               C           G
and they can scheme behind my back
 Am           F
Make fiction out of facts
 C       G          Am    F
Try to re-write my life
     Am   G           C
But they ain't got a clue
   F                 Am
If I were in their shoes
     G          D
I'd shut right up(up,up)

  C      G   Am
Take me as I am
    F      C
Or not at all
         G           Am               F
I ain't ever gonna change myself for no one
C   G     Am
No compromise
       F       D
Cause its my life
It's all or nothing

verse 2
 C              G
They can laugh all they like
Am              F       C
got no need to justify
  G        Am
I am who I am
             C              G
And they can do their worst if they dare
        Am              F             C
If it makes them happy we don't care
      G             Am    F
It's out of their hands
        Am  G            C
Cause they ain't got a clue
    F                 Am
If we were in their shoes
       G         D
We'd shut right up(up,up)

chorus 2x

1st time, change "i/me/my" to "we/us/our"

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