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The Underdogs

This is a very hard song to make by ear. Firstly, I tried to catch the bass line. I 
think I've done it successfully. Then from the bass line I managed to do chords. I know that 
some of them are wrong..unfortunately..so,write down your  comment and we'll make it correct together :)
Verse 1

Eb            Fm        Gm                  G#
Everything we fight for seems to get shot down
Eb               Fm            Gm       G#
No one seems to notice its like we aint around
Eb                Fm             Gm       G# 
Bb B
You tear us into pieces, and throw us here and there
Eb               Cm       G#
No one knows how much we care
So much pain
So many tears
So much hurt
                A G#
When we gonna learn, oh
      Cm       Bb            Cm              Bb      
We got to give our best, and push until we break on through


Eb    D7   G(or just bass) Cm
Were shooting straight for the top
                   Bb    Gm      G#
Our engine never will stop
D        G         Cm     Cm      Bb    Fm
This is our destiny nothings too good to be
Gm                  G#          Bb          A
We know the score we gonna break down the door,
D                Cm
You wished you were at lunch
Bb          Fm       Gm
This time we got a hunch,
Were the underdogs

Verse 2

The people that we trusted
Really let us down
Everybody wants to fly and never touch the ground
They treat us like were pieces in a parlor game
Moving us to take the plane
We dont care
We dont mind
We wont come
When they call for
Were taking what they give cause we can rise above it all


Were shooting straight for the top
Our engine never will stop
This is our destiny nothings too good to be
We know the score, were gonna break down the door
You wish you were at lunch
This time we got a hunch
Were the underdogs

           Hm                   G
Feeling the pain, hearing the names
We struggle until we are broken
  Eb              Eb/A           Eb
For all this hurt, we thank you!

Repeat chorus
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