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Euthanasia chords

Will Wood

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Am            B7
I was right there
       C                   C#dim7
While you fought tooth and nail
 F              C                   B7           E
Gasping in the gas mask thrashing ‘til you disappeared

Am               B7
Say you’re not scared
  C                 C#dim7
That you know it’s ‘cause I cared and
 F              C                  E       E7        Am A7
Say you know I love you, and that hope was just not there

    F       Fm                C
And I know, I know that I’m wrong
       C7                      F
That when you’re gone, you’re gone
    Fm                 C   C#dim7 Edim7
And I can’t bring you home

    F       Fm            C
But I want, I want to believe
      C7              F
That you'll remember me
       Fm             C
When you’re just memory

C  E7

Am             B7
Roots in the ground
C          C#dim7  Edim7
Or uploaded to the cloud or
 F               C             B7              E
Warm inside our hearts or as electrons in our head -nowhere now

Am           B7
Over the rainbow,
    C            C#dim7 Edim7
Can I stop by and say hello and
 F             C              E        E7    Am  A7
Sorry I would take it back if I could but I know

    F        Fm              C
To love one from too far to call
     C7             F
It’s not to love at all
    Fm           C  C#dim7 Edim7
To whom is it I talk?

    F       Fm            C
But I want, I want to believe
      C7                 F
That you can still hear me
      Fm              C
When you’re just memory

C  E7

Am  B7  C  C#dim7 Edim7  F  C  B7 E E7

 Am          B7
Said "It’s okay"
     C           C#dim7 Edim7
And "It’ll all be over soon, I’d
 F           C               E7              Am        A7
Never let a bad thing happen to you; now goodnight, I love you"

    F      Fm         C
And every, everybody dies
 C7                 F
Fighting for their lives
      Fm           C  C#dim7  Edim7
Just trying to survive

         F       Fm             C
Well now I know, I know why we say
        C7              F
That there’s a better place
      Fm                C   C#dim7 Edim7
That waits beyond the grave

    F       Fm                C
And I know, I know it’s not true
  C7                  F
There’s just no more you
        Fm                  C   C#dim7 Edim7
But as long as there’s no proof

     F         Fm              C
Then I choose, I choose to believe
     C7                    F
That we’ll meet in sweet dreams
   Fm                 C
After you’re put to sleep
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